PrettyThin Again

PT, in it's later years, progressed to community of people who banded together as a network of social support. We discussed any and all related to eating disorders and lives as "normal people;" I know many of us are hoping to keep that going with PT2. 

1. No harmful information. On an eating disorder website, anything can be considered harmful information - where do you draw the line? If you actively encourage someone to get sicker (giving them tricks to hide behaviors, how to purge, etc), that's the main line. The remainder will be up to you. 

2. No group diets that require unhealthy behaviors. Healthy group diets are fine, and you are absolutely welcome to still talk, as a group, about what diets you're doing. 

3. No underwear and nude photos. Swimsuit photos are okay as long as they are in context (you're at the beach, at the pool, etc). 

Moderator suggestions:

- Do not share personal information. We have more than 4,000 members here and you can easily be found by just a phone number. Be smart about what you share. 

- Be awesome. You must be awesome. 

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