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It is easy to take things for granted. To take family and friends for granted. Also to take a site like this for granted. The admins and mods who manage it, puts time and concern on it. And, just as important. The members of course.

I came to the Old PT in 2010, after James took over from Jess - the founder of the site. At the time the best known and the biggest ProAna site there was at that time. It was famous and infamous, known for the frequent dramas but more for the support the members gave each other. 

The site was like the Mother Ship from where smaller ships were launched. Some blossomed and later bloomed over and the members came back. But then came the time where PT collapsed and the two mods vivo_con_fuoco and Kelpie started this site. It acually felt, and feels, as if they brought the best aspscts of PT to the reborn site. I notice some calls it PT 2, but in a way PT4 is more correct. (As Jessica had PrettyThin and PT2, and then came James and now we are here :)

Now what I wanted to say is this. I think ProAna sites has an important role to play. More recent studies also confirmes that the Sites in generall in no way deserves their bad reputation. To offer a place where you can open up about ED, a safe haven in a world where ED is more or less taboo. It is an important step towards a life where you can handle ED better or even recover. (The most successfull ED recovery centers are successfull up to 25 % of the cases. If you search help early the cahnce is better. As long as you keep ED a total secret live in a bubble. When you have a place to put words on the problems, ideas, feelings, you make them tangible, real and then at first, you can question yourself.
That is why ProAna sites are good. The absolute majority of the ProAna web sites is, in that way, a good thing. But when the haters, media, Dr Oz and so on, forces the movement/support groups to go underground, or to twitter, Facebook and so on, they in some cases becomes what the haters say and worse. 

So generally speking Pro Ana is a good thing. 

When it comes to this particular site I think it is a good example of ProAna of the best kind. I cruised some old content and it moved me. I saw so much support fom member to member, I saw what it has meant for individual members.

In short - when I think of this site, when I think of members who over the years has left - some for good reasons, some less good and others left a questionmark when they left a questionmark when they left... I feel a bit nostagic, but above all I feel love for the members.

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Posts: 567

PS. I have a lot of added friends here. But since I left some years back and then returned they are not visable. And I can not re-friend them as it says we are already friends. So if anyone has noticed, I just want to tell you that I have not un-friended any friends

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I totally understand. I get nostalgic a few times - cruise the original Webs PT and read some of those threads (if you get lucky and it loads). I remember spending so many Friday and Saturday nights on it, chatting, making wonderful kept me from being "alone" in a time where being truly alone would've probably broken me to something I couldn't come back from. 

I can't get away from that negative connotation of Pro-Ana, but I absolutely understand where you're coming from. 

I'm glad you're still popping in now and then!


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