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Hi, I'm Rachel :) If you met me you'd never know I was that girl who hangs out on what some would call a pro-Ana site and has been sick for about 8 years. I look fine. People tell me I'm a very kind person, and funny.  I'm your local lifeguard, I also teach swim lessons. I spent the day hanging out with my grandma and a good friend. Point I'm trying to make is I really am just your average girl. Nothing really horrible happened to me to make me like this. I became anorexic at 14, and spent about 6 years fighting bulimia. I've been anorexic or bulimic for 8 years, but my weight is average and I look alright so you'd never guess. I have nerve damage from bulimia. The doctors say my heart is okay but irregular. My teeth are worn by acid. My bones are so thin people comment on it. Heartburn is basically a daily thing for me. Food gives me stomach aches. I am afraid of ice cream. I want to get a dog. I have a huge crush on this guy who doesn't even know it. I will do something amazing with my life. Whoever you are, thanks for reading :)

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For those without eating disorders.... 

It is more than superficially obsessing over being skinny. It is more than being vain and wanting to look good. It is more than wanting to be that girl who is always on a diet. It is more than the girl who always appears concerned with her appearance even though she has a fine exterior. In fact, it is more than just girls. It is more than white teenage girls. It is not something that you "went through" in high school during that period that you decided to be healthy and lost weight as a result. It sticks with you, mentally if not physically. They are not exaggerating when they call eating disorders "mental illnesses." Don't be offended when your eating disordered friend refuses to try a bite of your food. Don't assume she's looking for attention when she does squats when she thinks no one is looking. It's more than being uncomfortable with eating because you want to lose weight. It is so, so much more.

I hope you never ever relate to us, but please try to understand that you don't understand. And that is okay. 


HW: 173 lbs

LW: 90 lbs (not at 5'10") 

CW: 142 lbs

GW: 125 lbs

height: 5'10.5"

age: 18

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