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Disclaimer: PT2 is a site for all people - those in recovery, those who are in the midst, and everyone in between. Please understand that while the discussion of our illnesses can be triggering, we do not purposefully encourage an eating disorder in any manner. 

Welcome to our site. We have been a friendly, close-knit community for many years - many are transplants from the original PrettyThin, and many are new members with PT2. We are entirely member-funded - without you, this site would not exist. 

Every so often, I like to update the front page with discussion topics relevant to our community. Now, I think it's time to pass that torch to the community members themselves. When you join, learn more about the community by clicking here. If you want to learn about us but do not want to join just yet, please click here. I will update those links periodically to reflect current discussions. 

I don't like to categorize our site as recovery, as "pro," or anything else - we are just here. We're a group of friends who come to talk about life....and sometimes, that includes eating disordered subjects. We all need people who understand. 

Again, welcome to our site - we hope you stick around. 

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