PrettyThin Again

PT, in it's later years, progressed to community of people who banded together as a network of social support, and not to further one another's illness. We will continue PT2 in the same spirit. 

1. No tips, tricks, or harmful information - this means do not provide any information that potentially harm someone else. Eating disordered sites are a fine line between harmful information and not - but, there are some things that can cross the lines. What crosses the line will be up to the descretion of the moderators. 

2. No group or competition diets. HOLD IT! That means no HARMFUL diets, and that doesn't mean you can't talk about your diets or plans. All it means is that you can't create a group that MANDATES you participate in an unhealthy pattern (starvation level caloric intake and/or excessive exercise and/or unhealthy "compensation"). 

You may create groups of people who want to come to a place and talk about what they've done that day, how they feel about it, and related. Yes, we are well aware that this can give others ideas, but again, dieting is part of the behaviors of an eating disordered individuals and to forbid this discussion would mean negatively impacting the community. 

If an individual with bulimia, BED, or COE wants to create a diet group that mandates a healthy amount of calories per day, that is absolutely welcome. The minimum is 1200 per day. 

3. Do not share personal information on this site - cell phones, addresses, and other personal information. We cannot control what you do in private messages, but they will not be allowed in the forums. 

4. No underwear and nude photos. Swimsuit photos are okay as long as they are in context (you're at the beach, at the pool, etc). 

5. Be respectful to one another. 

6. Be awesome. You have to be awesome.