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March 9, 2015


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Moving on...

I've noticed a lot of ads regarding Binge Eating Disorder floating around on Yahoo, Facebook, Google, and other major website; now that it has been included in the DSM-V, it seems to be gaining attention. Recently, Vyvanse was approved for treatment of BED. 

Here is the link for the FDA announcement.

How do you guys feel about it? Have any friends or family commented on it? I was riding somewhere with a few classmates and an actual commercial came on Pandora for it; surprisingly the friend I thought that was most open-minded made some pretty drastic remarks about it. 
"Really? This is an illness now? Just call it for what it is - the "I can't put the fork down" problem." 

A few of them giggled, but I didn't. I was surprised. My only response was "It's easy to make jokes about something you don't understand." 

The conversation didn't go further, but it was a strong reminder that even with medical recognition, the stigma is still very heavy. 

What have you guys experienced regarding the now "public" recognition of BED? Continue the conversation here.

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