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Disclaimer: PT2 is a site for all people - those in recovery, those who are in the midst, and everyone in between. Please understand that while the discussion of our illnesses can be triggering, we do not purposefully encourage an eating disorder in any manner. 

May 31, 2016

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Notable visitors: Traffic from India, Russia, and Indonesia! There have been enough visitors from those locations that it has shown up on the admin statistics page. 

Our site has officially been renewed for another year. I also paid for a 30 day update to our mobile landing page - please let me know what you think about the update here

Otherwise, posts come and goes in fits and stops. In many posts from long-time members (3+ years), so many of them mention struggles with relapse or other issues they've fought for some time, but a hesitance to discuss them in the forums. However, one member really opened my eyes to it:

Our community. Some have stuck around so long that we feel as if we are family. I can attest to that myself - I am friends with many of you "in real life" - well, as real as Facebook and Skype can be. That sense of family has made some of us hesitant to discuss any struggles because we, first off, don't want to burden the people we love. Secondly, many community members are doing well in their recovery or life in general, and some don't want to drag the others down. Third, it's sometimes easier to manage our own current struggles by connecting with other people feeling something similar - it's hard to talk to someone in recovery when you're not ready for that yourself. 

I joined PrettyThin in 2009 when there was a "change of the guard" of ownership. Many of you did as well. We have all changed, for better or worse, in those 7 years. 

Let me say this - what hasn't changed is the sense that all of us, regardless or where we are in life, still come back to this site because we care deeply about one another. This community remains strong in the desire to keep the avenue of communication open; we care and we want to talk about it. For those of you who feel burdensome; no words I can offer will alleviate that fear. Know this - you will never, ever, drag down this virtual family. You won't be letting anyone down if you relapse or have an episode. You are human; mistakes happen, but they do not define who you are. 

You are not alone. 

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