PrettyThin Again


Disclaimer: This site does not condone or encourage unhealthy or harmful behaviors. PT2 serves as a "virtual support group" in that we provide community support for the day-to-day struggles of individuals with mental illness (primarily eating disorders).

January 17, 2014

We'll begin with some statistical updates. From December to January, we averaged between 200-250 visitors per day, and in December alone we had about 6,000 visitors. 

Top 3 incoming traffic sources of the past 12 months: 
1) Direct URL (79%)
2) Links (15%)
3) Search (5) 

We are most frequented by users from: 

1) United States (specifically the east coast)
2) Europe
3) Canada

In light of my failed attempt to get the community creating our next homepage, it did give me a spark. It is part of our past to continue the front-page ramblings of a crazy person and it is my sworn duty, as a crazy person, to continue it! So, now that the memes are aside (doge much sad) I did see one thing on our discussion page: many members were concerned as to how our mini-voting contest would affect the self-esteem of our members and how it might portray us to visitors. 

Continuing, more and more members are joining, and many say they are former members of PT - here are some quotes I've pulled from the first few posts in the introductory forum: 

"....I missed having a place to discuss triggers and coping with everyday life, so... I'm back.

I don't know if I'll stay, but I'm glad that the community didn't fall apart when the site did. I was quiet, but PT always felt like a comforting, non-judgmental friend."

"....most of the time I feel so alone because I've never had the opportunity to meet other people in similar situations, my family are pretty much in denial and some are too wrapped up in their lives so I've turned here hoping to find someone to talk to about life..."

" and it's just nice to come back here and know I'm not the only one who has this stuff in their head.. all the time...."

Here are some things I've seen in the forum:

"Reading through the post I just kept thinking.. I would not be able to do this. So I think you should be proud of yourself firstly. I've never been in IP but what I do know is this.. it doesnt matter what weight you are, if you have a sick mind, you're sick, that is it, end of. And fuck whoever else judges you. If that is the only thing they have to do with their time then I pity them. You shouldn't be looking at this as a way for people to compare and compete with you, you need to see this as a chance to do what's best for you. Blank out everyone else."

"And I gave him the answer he didn't want to hear, that you can't make some with an ED eat. And I thought about my story, and I thought about all of you. About the threads I've read and the members I've seen come and go over the years. How we all are so unique and different, yet in other ways so alike. How we can talk to each other about what our loved ones do that help us and hurt us."

" And remember, the words of support you see here, and from your husband...people really do care for you. I know that can seem like just one more "responsibility", but still; I hope you can see them and receive them simply for what they are.  Caring wishes from people who've come to know you, and know your true heart , from all the ways you've been here for others in the past."

And now, for my own confessions. As of lately, I've been staring at the discussions page, wishing I had something more to say. My participation has been sporadic because my depression has gotten the best of me these past few months....and it's nauseating for me to even type that out. My income is limited so I had been in limbo as to what to do - and one member messaged me, offering a sum to cover several rounds of therapy for me. A person I had never met in real life extended a hand and trust, taking a chance to help me. 

We are terrified of talking in the "real world", of opening up, and some of us who have taken that bold chance were shut down. In my brief quotes above, you see what PT is known for and why people come here, time and time again. It is both triggering and saving, scary and warm - we see ourselves in the members around us. It inspires us to give because we KNOW what the other may need; we've been there before. We are the strangers who keep your secrets, but sometimes we are the strangers who can offer a saving grace, if only for that moment. 

If you're searching for a place to be who you are (angry, crazy, happy, manic, whatever), you've found the right place. Please, come in.